Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Old factory gets a new life as bright modern loft

Renovation of old building and turning them into brand new modern dwellings does save us time and money. Along with that, it will also help us reducing the carbon footprints and saving energy.


It's easy and not too expensive reconstructing old buildings and turning them into comfortable and sustainable edifices. It's possible converting an old manufacturing plant into a spacious livable dwelling.

A living space could be partitioned into living, working and eating spaces that are covered with colorful mats. Only minimum furniture and decor to preserve the historic features of the original building.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

ADI Design Index - best italian design

The pubblication of ADI, the italian association for industrial design, collects, year after year, the best of italian design put into production, selected by ADI design permanent observatory.

The selection includes products or product series of every product area, theoretical, critical and historical research and corporate research design-related.

Adi Design Index selects the candidate projects every three years at the prestigious Compasso d'Oro who value not only for design enthusiasts or professionals, but also for all those who want to understand more about the world in which they live and its changes.

This year for the first time, alongside the usual volume that collects the projects selected for the Compasso d'Oro, the Adi decided to organize an exhibition with the Index contained 139 products from 2 October 2013 to November 3, at the Triennale Milan.


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Ristrutturare casa con le detrazioni

E' un buon momento per ristrutturare casa!

In 10 anni, si può recuperare più della metà di quanto si è speso. Le agevolazioni riguardano:
  1. Lavori Edili
  2. Arredamenti
  3. Risparmio energetico
Inoltre l'Iva è agevolata al 10%!
Arredando offre servizio di progettazione e realizza gli interventi di ristrutturazione edile e di arredamento. Contattate l'indirizzo e-mail per informazioni e consulenza.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Detrazioni fiscali su ristrutturazione e arredamenti

Breve guida agli incentivi fiscali in edilizia con validità 1 luglio – 31 dicembre 2013:
  1. Detrazione al 65% per riqualificazione energetica: riguarda le spese per impianti solari termici.
  2. Detrazione del 50% per ristrutturazioni edilizie compreso l’aquisto di mobili.  E’ possibile detrarre il 50% su spese fino a Euro 96.000 per la ristrutturazione e fino a 10.000 per i mobili. Entrambe le detrazioni sono recuperabili in 10 anni.

Possono richiedere la detrazione le persone fisiche con l’ausilio di un tecnico abilitato che deve redigere la scheda informativa degli interventi  e ove richiesto l’attestato di certificazione energetica. I documenti devono essere trasmessi all’Enea ( entro 90 gg. dalla fine dei lavori.

Per la detrazione fa fede la data del bonifico. E’ necessario indicare causale del versamento, codice fiscale del beneficiario della detrazione e partita iva dell’impresa che effettua i lavori.

Per ulteriori informazioni  visitate la guida dell’agenzia delle entrate.

Friday, 31 May 2013

Green wall panel

A green wall is a vertical garden that is pre-planted in panels and then attached to the facade of the building. Evergreen vegetal species, naturally dyed. Low to zero maintenance required. No lighting required. It's a creative evergreen finishing system made for interior design projects. A colored vegetal fixed over a sound absorbing layer. Smoothness, consistency, color are stable in time. It does not require neither maintenance nor direct sunlight.

The installation consists of a sound absorbing laminated panel on which a very dense, uniform covering of the plant is placed and assembled by hand then made to adhere permanently to the backing. This procedure guarantees total plant coverage right from the initial stage of the installation.

The plant adapts perfectly to indoor environments and feeds on moisture and airborne substances. Its colour – which is determined during the cultivation stage – does not contain any harmful toxic or noxious substances and does not discolour with time. Some installation types can be fitted with a decorative frame. In some cases the installation can also be provided with scenographic lighting.

More information on:

Friday, 17 May 2013

Nova Cucina News

New models SKY and Tekna Sky.
Modern kitchens with door oak veneer. Solid and stylish! And good prices!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Rendering 3D

Photorealistic rendering, to see a preview  of a new environment!

A special thanks to Progetto Interno Casa

Bathrooms.... To whom??






Monday, 15 April 2013

Fuori Salone - Milano

Nature: the main player at Fuori Salone in Milan!
In Zona Tortona we took this interesting snapshots. A combination of design and nature, both for outdoor and indoor.